Let’s close the gap between children living with an illness or disability and the cannabis treatment they need.

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Mom Campaign in partnership with MJ Freeway

Jack and children like him helped make medical marijuana laws possible. Yet it is still illegal for parents and children to medicate with cannabis in certain environments. For example:

  • In 26 states with medical cannabis laws, cannabis is not allowed in public schools for children to medicate during the day forcing parents to make difficult choices.
  • In the majority of adult-use and medical legal states, “exposure” to cannabis can be used as grounds for arrest of parents (even medical patient parents) and removal of children from the home. Exposure is defined broadly, including marijuana being present in the home with a child.

MJ Freeway has partnered with CannAbility to raise awareness on the laws that keep medical patients – children and parents – from having full, safe access to cannabis. MJ Freeway and CannAbility believe that parents and children shouldn’t bear more burden or face more penalties than anyone else. Stacey Linn and CannAbility have already been successful changing laws. MJ Freeway believes the cannabis industry should pitch in to help them change more. The fight for legal access isn’t over for the most vulnerable who need medicine. Join with us to donate to CannAbility.

About Us

Educate. Advocate. Empower.

The CannAbility Foundation was founded to provide support, resources, education, and access to cannabis for parents of kids living with an illness or disability. Parents navigating through the medical and recreational laws of Colorado are often overwhelmed with options, and underwhelmed with outcomes. Stacey Linn, founder of CannAbility, experienced this first-hand with her son, Jack Splitt.

Jack was a bright and charming 15-year-old who lived with severe cerebral palsy and dystonia. Through reliable information from other road-tested parents, Stacey was able to navigate and find the right cannabis treatment for Jack that helped raise his quality of life.

The CannAbility Foundation was born in 2015 when Stacey advocated for Jack’s Amendment. The amendment provides safe access to cannabis on school property, allowing kids using cannabis treatments to attend school with their medication. This opened a portal for parents across the country to reach out to Stacey for like-minded support, making the CannAbility Foundation what it is today.

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Photo credit: Michael Holtby, DenverPhotography.com

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